You can do it!

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"You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it"
Countless of times have I had this quote running in my head and been thinking... 
"I'm strong enough, I'm strong enough...
I can do it."
But I have also wonder why?
Why does life give us adversities
Why does some people need to suffer more than others?
I guess I have one answer. 
Every time you manage to fight through hard times and periods of your life, you will get stronger than before. 
You learn from it, you grow from it and it gives you life experiences that you wouldn't have got without it. 
If life would be "perfect", and just running the way we want, life wouldn't be an adventure.
I believe that challenges makes us better and adversities makes us stronger
Find your way, fight through it and you will be so much stronger than before.👊
I believe in you⭐️
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