live your life to the fullest

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I always want to get better, I always want to learn more, I always want to see new places and meet new people. 

Some call me "hyper", some call me "energetic and some call me 
"miss positive".
I think it's about the curious soal I'm having.
I want to LIVE my life, I want to do and see as much as possible.
 I want to make the best out of it. 
I want to take care of the meaningful time I've got. 
I love exploring. I love traveling. 
I love my life and I'm always trying to live it to the fullest.
I try to see the positive side of EVERYTHING
1 week vacation coming up with my best friend. 
1 week of luxury, recovery, beaches, food, training, SLEEP, laughs and just ENJOYING life. 
I'm so excited for this trip, but to be honest, a tiny bit more excited for next term at TAFE that starts when I get back... 🙈🙊😂
I guess I just LOVE what I'm doing...
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