My new favourite place

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Sitting on my new favourite place,

superfood ~ superjunk

I'm a BIG fan of all the nice, cute, healthy cafés around here.
It makes me happy that the society is developing more and more places that offers healthy food full of good nutrients.

a step in the right direction!!


I just woke up this morning and felt that this was exactly what my body needed today: 


My energy level is so low at the moment and I'm very frustrated.
My immune system let me down AGAIN.

I just have to try to accept it and do whatever I can to help my body to recover and build up my immune system to whatever level is possible.

"Vitamin D from the sun, antioxidants and  vitamin C from the fruit, magnesium and protein from the müsli with seeds and nuts, good fat from olive oil and avocado (monounsaturated fat = BEST type of FAT= Low in hydrogen ions and help protect against diseases) and I actually gave the feta cheese in the mash avocado a chance to get some more protein... AND it was good!! "

I have never liked cheese in my entire life! but this combination of soft mashed avo with olive oil, salty feta cheese, topped with some lime and sea salt on a crunchy grilled sourdough was just A M A Z I N G. 

I'm actually sitting here thinking about ordering one more... What a hard decision, Haha!

 If you live on the SUNSHINE COAST or ever passning by, you just HAVE to go here😍

Have a wonderful day☀️

Remember that life is full of decisions...and the decisions you make today have impact on your journey to become the BEST version of YOU!! 





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