Breakfast in Auckland!

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Most important meal of the day and also my favorite!!😋
We found a really cute café here in #Auckland @ortolana_ !! Thank you for this delicious start of the day after another Yoga session👌💪😍


We already knew where we wanted to start our day!
We found this cafe yesterday and all the food looked amazing.
So we went there for breakkie...
It was a French cafe with really nice atmosphare and good service!


I had my favorite breakfast,
Smashed avocado on sourdough with poached egg!
This one was a bit different with a pesto/menthe/chilli sauce!


We checked out from Mecure and walked to the car rental just 5 min away.. We found a cute paleo shop on the way so mum bought some gluten free snacks, perfect to have in the car during a road trip!


Started our road trip east, south east, towards Coromandel! And the Cathedral Cove



It said it would take 45 min to walk and that you need to be REALLY fit to do the walk....but it took us max 20 min!
Pretty easy... Yes it was hills up and down, but I think everyone can do it.... It's so pretty and a shame if people choose not to do it just because they don't see themselves as "fit".....
You can just make stops on the way.... And walk in your own phase!


The beach was nice, but the weather was not the best.


Mum and I both feel very spoiled, because we have seen so many beautiful places in our life's....
This was really pretty and beautiful.. But we have seen other places just as beautiful.

Of course we stopped and took photos on the way.


On our way to Waihi and our hotel we stopped on the Hot Water beach.... Where you can dig hole in the ground and make your own "jacuzzi".... Yes it's true... If you dig a deep hole in the sand you find hot water!!

Cool to see, but we didn't stay long.

Now we're almost in Waihi, and I should probably stop writing... Starting to feel a bit car sick... It's a really bumpy road. but OMG so beautiful. The environment is stunning. Everywhere you look is like a picture.


Remember to follow our trip here on New Zealand on Instagram aswell!

And advices are more than welcome!


Take care



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Arrived in Auckland 6pm Tuesday.
Checking in at our Hotel Mecure and then heading out exploring the city and finding a nice restaurant for dinner!

The Hotel's location really good, close to everything.
The Queen Street (big shopping street), the harbour, the Sky tower, restaurants and cafés.

There it is, the famous Sky Tower
A nice little area on the 13th floor of Mecure Hotel✨

The Dinner,our first night in NewZealand, OMG! So delicious. Eye Fillet with horseradish puré, rosted broccolini with macadamia nuts and avocado sallad👌
Harbour view restaurant. Go there!


After dinner we just went for a little walk and then back to the Hotel for some relaxing in the bar on the top floor with some tea 😅



Started The day with a yoga session.Just mum and I. 


I really like yoga.
It is such a good way to start The day, wake Up, get the body moving, and boost yourself with endorphins...

We tried Acai bowl from the big chain TANK, a fruit/juices/Sallads bar... Paleo, vegan and organic!

The Acai bowl was not the best but the lunch menu looked appealing....
Really nice and fresh, just like we want it to be!

Back to the hotel, shower and getting ready for our Lunch in the famous Auckland SkyTower.
Restaurant Orbit 360.... A restaurant that rotates 360 degrees (!) on 220m height.
Pretty cool experience to be sitting eating and seeing the city from all different angles!


We also got entry to the top floor for some photos and handstands....
It's a tradition that I do handstands in all buildings I visit... For example Eiffel Tower in Paris, BurjKalhifa in Dubai, Empire State Building in New York......

And now since my mum learned to do handstands she is joining the tradition (haha yes mum, your coach just decided this! ;) )


After lunch we went for a walk to Victoria Market, but sadly it was shut because of holidays... Only a couple shops opened!
We ended up buying protein powder and bars for our road trip!
I feel that My body needs some extra energy now after the hectic and stressful period before graduation.
It is important to listen to your body...
I'm still struggling with it sometimes... I push myself through it and then I realize "Oups I need to slow down.."


Anyway we ended up having a relaxing day, with coffee, some shopping (got some goodies from CalvinKlein, THANKS MUM!), and finished the day with seafood at the restaurant Crabshack in the Marina... The place was cozy, but crowded...

Have a good sleep!

Tomorrow you will get updates again

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