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Gymnastics coach today!! 
Just love it. 
I have so many different "type" o people I help, coach, support, motivate and encourage to live a healthy life, and I enjoy to train them all! ❤️
Love the life as a personal trainer. 
So thankful for the joy and happiness my clients are giving me

Assessment completed

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Love this feeling, the feeling after a test or an assessment or competition or just any situation where you want to perform your best.

I just had my exercise science assessment and it feels so good now!

Tick on the list, and I'm one step closer to my Diploma of Sportsdevelopment!

The test felt good and I was well prepared. I thought we needed to know more than what the assessment covered, but well I'm happy, I just know more than I need! Haha

The rest of the day I am just relaxing, maybe going to the beach and enjoying my wonderful life!

What do you like to do when you are having time off? ☀️😃 Share it with us! 

 Pic from yesterday when we were studying in the sun...



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Your body achieves what your mind believes... 
Stay positive, stay happy, stay STRONG. 
Don't let anything or anyone stop you
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