Looking tired?

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Now I will bring up something that I find frustrating.
I am not sleeping well, and I haven't for a while. 
I haven't been sleeping a whole night without waking up, for 4,5 years now. 
And normally I do not complain about this, cause I know it could have been worse and I have learned how to handle it and have my tricks how to help my body to sleep. 
Heat packs, liniment, massage, treatments, stretching, yoga, training etc... you name it.
But now when it has become worse than usual and it feels like nothing really helps, I am starting to be a bit frustrated. 
It feels like my body is not responding
It feels like it doesn't matter how much I try to rest, eat and relax.... my body is just not responding
I know it was a huge impact on my body to compete and complete the European Championships... and that is probably the reason to why my body is out of balance
I just wanted to tell you all that I am trying my best. 
I know I am looking tired, and  believe me that is NOT what I want to show the world. 
I am encouraging people to live a healthy and balanced life... 
and I want you to know that I am trying to find my balance again, but I am not perfect.
I am doing my best and hopefully my body will respond soon. 
If you do not sleep the body and mind is not getting the chance to recover during the nights, so it slows down the recovery process .... and it makes you more tired than usual.
Stress does also make it harder for us to relax and sleep.
And pain increases the stress level in the body.
It is recommended to sleep between 7-9 hours, but of course it is individual just like everything else... 
If you have an active lifestyle and train hard you need even more sleep...
It is when we sleep the body gets the time to recover, build up the scar tissues again after training and become bigger and stronger. It is during sleep we are processing facts, store memories and become smarter...
Sleep is so extremely important and if you don't sleep enough everything in your life will be affected, negatively.  
Your hormons gets imbalanced, your brain exhausted and your muscles weaker... 
Are you having troubles with sleeping? 
Do you need some advices of what to do to make you sleep better?
Feel free to contact me

Positive people

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Today has been a day full of positive people and it made me realize once again how important it is to be surrounded by like-minded people who makes you happy.
Why spending time with negative people who brings you down? 
Why be with people who push you down, just because they are unhappy? 
Why be with people who doesn't like you for who you are and are trying to change you?  
I have learnt my lessons... I am not wasting my time on people who doesn't like my positive energy. 
I am not "trying" to fit in with people I'm not having anything incommon with. 
I am spending my time with people who loves me for who I am. People who like that I am positive, hyperactive, energetic and a bit crazy😅
Be YOU❤️
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