Time flies

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Can we please just STOP for a second?? 
Time flies. 
I don't want this year to end. 
I love it here. 
I love the education.
I love the campus.
I love the teachers. 
I love the lifestyle. 
I love the challenges.
I love my friends. 
I just LOVE my life here and I don't want this to end. 
3 months to graduation. 
Time flies.

Do what you LOVE

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I'm feeling so blessed to live here in Australia.
I'm having "the time of my life"...
I'm doing exactly the things I want to do, help inspire and motivate people to live a better life.

My days are AMAZING.
They covers everything I love.

One part of me just never wants to go home. THIS feels like home.
But I miss everyone back in Sweden.

It's tough. 


Just want to say thank you to my clients that always gives me so much ENERGY.

Do what you love ~ LOVE what you do



P R O U D.

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I'm so proud of my role model, "CLIENT", best friend and mum.

Just wanted to write how AMAZING you are, and how indescribably thankful I am to have you as MY mum. You are THE BEST.
I'm so proud of your everyday progress❤️


"Be thankful for all the beautiful people you have around you, and let them know how much you love and appreciate them ❤️"


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