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I am so excited!!
All fitness students at Tafe are going to University of Queensland tomorrow for the entire day.
We will do so many interesting and educating things... anatomize muscles and organs, analyze and investigate real skeletons and bones, do different strength and cardio vascular tests...
And guess what..
I will do the VO2 MAX test! 
(Volume, Oxygen, Maximal)
It measure the body's maximal capacity of oxygen uptake during execise.
The maximal oxygen consumption...
Maximal oxygen consumption reflects the aerobic physical fitness of the individual.
So tomorrow I will be running on the T'mil with a mask and slangs all over me.. 
Please keep your fingers crossed that my lungs will cope with it and not give me exercise asthma like last time.
I will let you know how it goes and also an update of all the things we do tomorrow.
I am so excited!
Let's do this!!
Do I have to say this education is GOLD!!!?
Love every single minute of it. 

Why do you train?

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Why do I train?

Many people have asked me WHY I train.
Why do I do all these crazy handstands and weird things?

Why do I love training so much? and what do I train for?


I train first of all because I love it.
I love the feeling before, during and after I have trained.
I love the adrenaline before, I love the hate-love pain in my body during, and I love when the endorphins are pumping all around my body.


I train because it is good for my body.
I train because I want to be strong, in my everyday life.
I train because muscles around my neck reduces pain.

I train because when I do, it is the only time I’m not thinking about the pain in my neck.

When I train I come to my ”happy place”.  It is like a zone, a bubble and I don’t think about ANYTHING else except the exercise I am doing.

I am just ”here and now”

It is a wondeful feeling and I wish I could train more.


I train as much as I can because of the positive outcome I get from it.

It makes me so indescribably happy. I become a better person when I train.

I have so much energy in my body, so if I don’t train I can be too much.
It is my responsibility to handle all that extra energy, so I train.


What do I train for?

As an elite athlete in the background I am so use to train towards a goal, a BIG competition.
And I miss that. I am thinking about different things I might want to train towards. But I am not 100% sure yet.
So right now I trying all different kind of training styles, to get the experience…so I can help more people in the future with my personal training.

I am training to encourage, motivate and inspire others to do the same.

I am doing all these ”crazy” handstands because I want to show that if I manage to do all that after a broken neck, then nothing is impossible.

Just look, the word itself says:


I ’M . P O S S I B L E


These are some of my ”WHYs” …


I think it is important to know your own WHY.

Do you know why you train?


If you don’t know WHY you are training, it is easy that the motivation drops.

Find a training-style you enjoy, do it because you like it.

Do it because it is good for your body and soul.


Find your why and the training will become so much easier.




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