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Have had a wonderful day exploring the city with one of my closest friends. Quality time!! 
This trip didn't really turn out like we had planned, but when you think about it... Does life ever do that? 😉
Anyway, I am trying to make the best out of the situation, as always. 
I think my body was trying to tell me to slow down and recover. 
Ali also needed some time off so it's actually perfect taiming for us to just take it easy and chill out... Cause neither of us usually do. Haha! 
well I let the photos tell the rest! 
Have a wonderful day everyone and remember to try to see the POSITIVE side of EVERYTHING. 
Okay, handstands are compulsory, even if you are chilling out! 😅
Beautiful city
Just the same, but different, just like Ali and I❤️
Butterfly coffee✨
Vegan carrot cake😋
T2 tea shop😍
Breakkie at 2,5 beans✨
Such an AWESOME day, and It's still more to come.... Love life❤️

What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger

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"Scars are just a sign that you are stronger than what ever tried to hurt you"
one of my favorite quotes can summarize my morning today. 
I woke Up early as always, ready and excited for a day in Melbourne... 
Happy but tired after food-poisening 2 days ago.
haven't been able to eat or sleep for the last days... Which is really frustrating cause I know how quickly my body get affected negatively and drops...but not much I can do about it.. Just try to make the best out of the situation. 
So due to lack of energy I didn't wanted to push my body through a hard workout, (even if my mind wanted to ofcourse! ) 
so I decided to go for a walk and explore! 
I found a playground and as you guys probably know by now, playgrounds makes me excited to try crazy things....😅
but today it didn't ended that well. 
I was just going to jump over a metal table, when I slip on the wet grass and land with my shin on the sharp end. 
PAIN. And.... BLOOD. 
"Oh shit that hurts... "
I bended over to look at it... Oh shit (again) it's quite deep.
Dizzy from the pain and blood, did I start to walk back to my friends appartment. 
I passed by a pharmacy and thought I should go in and buy something to clean the open wound. 
The receptionist said 
"oh shit that's deep!, I think you need to see a doctor and get stitches..."
i didnt know know if I would cry or laugh... 
The pain and amount of blood pumping out I started to believe she was right. 
Went next door and got to see a doctor quite quickly. 
And YES, stitches (damn that was quit painful!) 
in my left shin. No ocean for me for the next 14 days.. until the stitches will be taken out and antibiotics for 5 days. 
Quite funny actually. 
So typical me. 
Anyway, I'm sitting here on a cafe with a delicious lunch (and coffee!!) with my leg elevated, a new accessorie on my shin, a big smile on my face and thinking that this is just another experience to add to my list.
Which happened for a reason. 
What at doesn't kill you makes you stronger. 
It is up to you how you chose to deal with the pain you go through in life.
Do you let it BREAK you, or do you let it MAKE YOU?!


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I am done!! 
Had my LAST day of school today, and my feelings are all over the place. I can't really believe it. 
I am happy, sad, curious, scared, relieved, pressured, excited and yes, OVERWHELMED. 
Such an amazing feeling.

Passed all my exams and assessments with such good feedback from teachers and clients.
I am SO thankful, grateful and HAPPY for this year and EVERYTHING I have experienced and learned. 

I love it here and I don't know how I will be able to leave it all behind. 
But this has been 1 chapter of my life. A huge one, full of challenges... and it is now time for me to move on. 
Life is like a book. If you don't move on, you will end up on the same page. 

I am so ready for my life to continue. 
I am so ready to start the next chapter.
I am so READY for new challenges to overcome. 
But first I am gonna have some time off and just ENJOY my life, here and now.
I am going to Melbourne on Sunday to visit one of my BEST BEST friends, then I am back for mini-graduation next friday, and on SATURDAY my mum is here!!!! 
THE real graduation is not until 15th of December, so hopefully I have had enough time to realize I am actually done by then....
"Believe in yourself"
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