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New day, NEW Week, means NEW Possibilities!!
Everyday when we wake up we have a choice, a choice to choose how to see the day we have ahead...
It is all about mindset and attitude.
Do you choose to se it in a positive or a negative way?
Everyone of us probably have issues, problems or even pain somehow or somewhere... 
But you can choose to focus on that or focus on ALL the good things you have. 
Just the fact that you wake up in the morning and able to get out of your bed is something to be grateful and happy for... 
It is something I find people take for granted. 

I don't.... Because I know how it is to not be able to do that.
Every morning when I wake up I'm excited, I'm happy and thankful that I even woke up. 
No matter if I have a tough day ahead, more pain than usual or something else that weighs me down... 
I choose to NOT focus on that. 
I choose to live a POSITIVE life. 
A happy life. 
Think about this tomorrow morning when you wake up. 
Think about all the good things you have in your life, instead of all the things you are stressed about. 
Try it and see how you feel.
I'm convinced that the whole day will be more positive. 
"One positive thought in the morning, can change your whole day"

Unhappy people

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I just can't understand HOW people can feel better by pushing other people down?

It is scary how common it is that unhappy/depressed people tries their best to push other people down... it's like they can't handle other peoples happiness and success.
They are so unhappy with their own life so they don't want anyone else to live a happy life.
Its so sad.

It have happened to me more than once that people tries to push me down and destroy my happiness..
it wears you out...

I can't understand this behaviour... cause I just want everyone to be as happy as possible and are wishing the best for everyone...
Life is to short to be unhappy.


"Be happy for other peoples success " 


New home

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I just love my new home.
It finally feels  like I'm having a home
It makes me realize how big Influence the place we live, and the people we share it with have on us.
it is SO important to feel safe, comfortable and able to be yourself in your home.
Which I finally can! 

I have the most beautiful roomie now... an amazing woman and a true inspiration.
She's a blessing.
I can finally cook in a big kitchen, as much as I want to! Without complains from a cranky roomie. 
I can finally get up early in the morning and catch the day without holding my breath. 
I do finally have someone I love being surrounded by, talking to, cooking with or watching a movie with. 
A roomie with as much energy as I have, a roomie who love being spontaneous and do fun things!
A friend for life❤️ 
On top of that: 
The location is great, so close to the beach, cafes and the shopping mall Sunshine Plaza.
Gives me a nice 20min warm up to the gym in the mornings, on my bike during sunrise! . 
It doesn't sounds too bad, right?
Can you understand that it feels hard to leave all this in only 7 weeks?!
I'm excited for what to come.
I will enjoy this time as much as I can, and just like always
You never know what happens next, so remember to live here and now❤️
Finish of with a funny photo.... 👆
don't know who's most stubborn... Jane or I?!😅
Anyway, it resulted in a new decoration in the ceiling when we tried to get in a couch a bit tooooo big the other day.
we just never give up!👊
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