I kind of like it here, a bit too much

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Another awesome day. 
Feeling happy and thankful for the life I'm living. 
I'm actually really starting to enjoy the life I'm creating here in SWEDEN. 
I never thought I would feel this way...  I'll share a thought that came over me this morning.
I was planning on having a sleep in morning, cause I came home late after my Handstand workshop yesterday.... but I woke up early, saw that the sun was shining outside my window so I really wanted to get up and out, rather than staying in bed. 
So I did. 
I had my favourite brekkie and then I went out. 
The sun was shining, the air was fresh and the wind was blowing briefly in my hair. 
it was a bit chilli and you can really tell that the Autumn is on it's way. 
And there and then, walking around watching the beautiful landscape we have in sweden, the thought came over me. 
"My life is pretty damn Amazing here in Sweden....I don't think I have to move back to Australia " 
At the same time as the thought hit me I got shocked... shocked that I'm not having that longing feeling to MOVE anymore. Shocked that I'm dealing with the cold in Sweden, and are feeling OK with it. 
Shocked that what I thought was THE ONLY place for me to live might not be THE ONLY PLACE anymore. 
It's almost a feeling of relief. It has been so tough to deal with the missing and longing and not really enjoying where I am living.
It's actually an AMAZING feeling that I LOVE WHERE I am.I don't feel the need to escape anymore, I don't feel the need of going places, I don't feel the need of traveling... not right now. 
For a person like me who (normally) ALWAYS wants to go somewhere, never feel that I'm fitting in (I'm still not, but I'm accepting that it's better to stand out!)  it's a relief.
it's strange, but I like it ... for now.
I'm pretty sure I know the reasons, why my feelings have changed... 
I LOVE to be able to help and inspire people. 
I LOVE to be surrounded by positive and supportive people. 
I LOVE all the exciting things happening right now. 
I LOVE building up BREAK IT. 
I LOVE being close to my family and friends. 
I LOVE that I have so many opportunities. 
So it doesn't really matters where on this planet I'm living.
I know I'll GO PLACES, but for now I'm pretty damn happy, thankful and satisfied with what I have.♥️🙏

I'm so PROUD

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My clients are making me so proud!! 
They are improving ever single day, they are overcoming fears, accepting the challenges I'm giving them, enjoying the training and are really doing their BEST to create a better, stronger and healthier lifestyle with the support and guidance from me.... 
it is not easy to make changes in life, but sometimes that's exactly what you need to do. 
With a personal trainer and health coach by your side it's easier.. 
I'm here to support. 
I'm here to guide when you're lost. 
I'm here to motivate when you're loosing it. 
I'm here to inspire when you feel hopeless. 
I'm here as a living example that you can win against odds and prove people wrong... I'm here for you, and I don't want you to give up.
Change your old, bad habits and you will reach something better...
that's one of the things BREAK IT and you will MAKE IT stands for. 
"Nothing is impossible"
I did it. and so can you♥️
feel free to contact me, I'm here to help✨
One of my awesome clients is really enjoying her NEW nutrition plan. 
Look how beautiful it is to eat healthy, both for body mind and soul! 

Handstand with the Yoga Story

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Spendera din lördag med positiva människor i en fridfull miljö, med bubbel…upp och ner? 
Avsluta med en Brunch på Ling Long i Stockholm. 

Låter det som något för dig?

Se hit!

I september är det dags för special event på lördagar, som du inte vill missa!! 


tillsammans med The Yoga Story 



Nu har du chansen att få tips och råd av Elin Härkönen, före detta elitidrottare inom gymnastik med titlar som både Svensk och Nordisk mästarinna! 

Hon är nu även nybliven Europa Mästare i OCR (Obstacle Race).


Elin har flera års erfarenhet som gymnastiktränare och har bland annat coachat delar av Australiens Landslag... Idag jobbar hon som personlig tränare och health-coach och driver 

BREAK IT and you will MAKE IT.

Hon lever för att inspirera, motivera och att hjälpa andra att nå sina mål.

(Läs mer om Elin på hennes hemsida: breakitmakeit.se)



Nu är det din tur att ta del av detta! 

Vad kan vara bättre än en rolig och utmanande workshop, där du både får skratta och äta gott? 

Inga förkunskaper krävs, alla kan vara med!


Ta med din bästa vän, partner, kollega eller varför inte mamma eller pappa? 


När: Den 2 och 30e September

Tid: 10:30 - 12:00 

Var: Ling Long,  Riddargatan 6 Stockholm

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