Stand up stronger and SHINE like a STAR

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Life gives us challenges to overcome, sometimes when we expect it the least....

Like a bolt of lightning from a clear blue sky can it hit us, trying to #BREAK us down. ⚡️


YOU have your life in your hands.... a decision to make: 

Do you let it break you down or do you fight through and stand up stronger and shine like a star? ⭐️


I know my answer....  

what's yours? 🤔



#nevergiveup #fighter #survivor #inspiration #motivation #breakitmakeit 



Sometimes it can be tough to stand up after a fall, all by yourself... dare to ask for help.

Dare to let the people who want to, help you.

 If you need professional help, a personal trainer or health coach to build up your strength, inside out.... u know I'm here to help❤️

Life is too short to not be living. 



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Why did I go back to the place where the accident occured? 
Maybe not the first thing someone else would have done. But I've been through a similar trauma before, and I've learnt so much from it. How to deal with emotions, how to deal with anxiety, how to deal with pain both mentally and physically... how to process, how to accept, how to move forward. How to stay positive and "keep the head up".
how to NEVER GIVE UP. 
Something I knew would help me start processing the accident was to go back to the place where it happen. 
I went back the day after they let me out of hospital. I would probably had recommend someone else to wait a bit longer before doing it... but I knew it would be the only chance, cause I was flying back to Sweden. 
So I did. Even if it was emotional, even if it made me cry, even if it made me frustrated and wondering WHY?! 
But on the same time it made me feel even more thankful that I was standing there. That I was alive and could move. It was hurting, YES and it was scary to feel my low heart rate and not being able to breathe properly.... but it didn't really matter. I was alive and that was the only thing I cared about. 
So going back to the place where it happen was tough, but I am sure it helped me move forward in the process of getting over it. 

my body (and mind) are exhausted

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"Poor little body, how much does it need to go through?!" 
Yes that's the reaction I get from everyone I meet now after my accident. 
I don't have the answer.  I just hope it's enough now. 
At least for a while. 
If you've been following me here on the blog or instagram (@breakitandyouwillmakeit ) for a while, you probably know that I have been through some tough periods in my life already.
I was finally starting to find a balance. 
A balance in life, (not only upside down on my hands,.. ) 
A balance between work, training, family and friends. 
I was finally starting to feel strong in my body and mind. 
And then this happen. (I wonder why...  it must have happen for a good reason!) 
It's not only my little body that is affected and needed to go through a trauma (again), my mind needed to go through this too. 
I think I'm still just trying to cope and deal with the pain. and then the mental side will kick in. 
it's tough. My body and mind are exhausted. 
I run out of energy so easily.
It's  tough to accept, cause I'm normally full of energy.
But it's getting better. and I am trying to stay positive! 
I know I will get through this. 
Nothing can BREAK me down. 
Wishing you all a beautiful weekend. 
BREAK IT and you will MAKE IT
THANK YOU again for all get-well wishes <3
it warm up my heart



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