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"Asså du är ju helt hopplös!
Du klarar ju ALLT du bestämmer dig för...vilket jävla pannben du har.

Blir smickrad, såklart.
Denna egenskap att aldrig ge upp är något som hjälpt mig många gånger och tagit mig långt.
MEN jag tror faktiskt att ALLA har den, och det är inte en egenskap jag har "fått gratis".... det är nog bara så att alla inte har lärt sig att använda sig utav det.

Alla har inte lärt sig använda det där drivet inom sig, att kämpa och slita för att nå sina mål.
Men vet du vad?
Det är ju just därför sånna som JAG finns.🙈
En personlig tränare är till för att stötta, pusha, vägleda.... men framförallt HJÄLPA personer som inte har lärt sig använda det här inre drivet som jag pratar om själva.

Jag som tränare vill HJÄLPA.

Jag vill hjälpa dig finna det som får dig att vilja kämpa.
Jag vill hjälpa dig hitta en balans i livet och en livsstil som funkar för just DIG!

Kontakta mig idag 😉💪




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The feeling of being number 1 again.

I did definitely NOT expect this.

Today was just one of these spontaneous things I suddenly decided to do, last minute.....just because I LOVE challenges.

My first obstacle race.... Lappset Fun Run in Enköping.

Running, climbing, jumping, crawling...IN mud, water and wind.
Maybe it doesn't sound appealing for you, but for me it was JOY and happiness.
I loved it!

It was tough, challenging, dirty and FUN!

"Just get over it" was the sentence I had in my head.
Not because I wanted the race to be over, just to boost my mind and body with positive thoughts.
How hard can it be? If an obstacle come up, JUST get over it.

I had NO expectations what so ever, on my own performance....I wanted to do my best but I just saw this as another challenge and a new experience.
That I would end up in the ELITE CLASS and on the FIRST place, highest on the podium was a wonderful surprise!

I got through this obstacle. And just like any other obstacle I get in life, I am stronger now than I was before.

Challenges and obstacles in life makes us STRONGER. We learn and grow from it.

That's why I always encourage you to
Search for new challenges and overcome them....

I promise you that the satisfaction you'll feel afterwards is worth it all!

I am super duper mega happy right now!

THANK YOU SO MUCH André and all the volunteers for making Lappset Fun Run 2017 to such a fun and challenging day! 

Congratulations to all 250 competitors for attending, you are stronger today than you were yesterday!


If you want help to become even stronger, to next race, please don't hesitate to contact me:

for personal training and health-coaching, 😏


So tell me, what is your next challenge?😏


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Is it just me or do you also think food taste better OUTSIDE?!
sitting outside in the sun, feeling the fresh breeze, hearing the birds singing and just enjoying a delicious nourishing meal.... that is luxury for me and I try to do it as often as I can. 
And seriously it doesn't take much longer to bring the food outside.... so no excuses here please 😏
Plus you get some Vitamin-D☀️
Sourdough with egg, spinach, cucumber and tomatoe 🙌
Super easy, healthy and delicious😋
(and a coffee with it to keep me warm of course.......)
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